Standing stones









                                                            Croisa (love)


 Many ask...  Why do we stand stones?

                          Unity?     Artful expression?    A sense of accomplishment? 


                      In standing stones, All people are equal, all work as one...


 The beauty and energy of a standing stone is mezmerizing, captivating, enchanting. A definate energy radiates from the face of a standing stone. They are powerful, commanding, monumental...



                                                          Sawr (heavy)


sweet, strong, beautiful magical, the stones are calling to the stone in us and they have messages for us.
I think they like it when there are gatherings. Why would they keep standing? (Susan Lange)


                                                    Kamarad Maen

                           (friendship stone)


the stones make me feel like they are our gift as humans, for every stone that is placed every soul has life (Beth Eisel)


We as humans /animals should celebrate the living and life also life after. As we should look forward to the up coming events...Loving life, nature, and each other! (Pat Peters)


                                                                               Draig  Maen

                            (dragon stone)